Residents worry about a lack of details on asbestos dust control during the demolition of the Energy Brix Power Station in Morwell, Victoria. The demolition itself has been ongoing since January 9, while asbestos removal is slated to start in February.

Residents Want Details on Asbestos Removal Contingencies

The most common complaints revolve around how Energy Brix and other contractors failed to answer worst-case scenarios and other contingencies. For one, McLean Street resident Scott Purvis wanted to know how locals would be told about any incidents during the removal. He was dismayed when contractors neglected explaining evacuations and emergency safety plans. “I thought they would have these things ready,” he said.

Earlier in January, Energy Brix met with demolition contractors Delta Group and an asbestos hygienist to discuss asbestos removal procedures. It is currently working with Delta Group, Worksafe, Environment Protection Victoria, independent hygienist firm Prensa, and other contractors to finalise its hazard management plans before demolition starts.

Contractors continue to give reassurance that the Energy Brix demolition will be completely safe. EBAC remediation general manager Barry Dungey stated that Delta would use its tried-and-tested dust suppression methods, as it has in previous projects on asbestos removal in Victoria and elsewhere. “The hygienist will conduct regular sampling along with EBAC’s own air monitoring process,” he is quoted as saying.

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