Tennant Creek Residents Seeking Government Help for Children Exposed to Asbestos

Indigenous residents of Tennant Creek, NT are clamoring for the Northern Territory or the federal government to provide health checks […]

A Study Links Immigrants’ Occupation to Mesothelioma Death Rate

A study conducted by researchers from Curtin University and University of Western Australia concluded that immigrants from the UK, Italy, […]

The Truth on Asbestos Imports in Australia

Australia has long been aiming for an Asbestos-free country. As early as 2003, an Australia-wide ban on importation, manufacture and […]

Asbestos Scare at Royal Hobart Hospital Calls for Reaudit

The Tasmanian Opposition calls for a fresh audit of the Royal Hobart Hospital redevelopment site as another asbestos contamination is […]

Cheap Glass, Formaldehyde and Asbestos Contaminated Materials are Slipping Past Customs Officials

The senate inquiry received a submission by the national construction union stating that building materials contaminated with asbestos, cheap glass […]

13 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Aside from the bedroom, the bathroom is another comfort zone for many of us. It is the place where we […]
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