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Professional Assistance for Safe
Residential Asbestos Removal

At some point, many home owners identify that they have asbestos products on their property. Whether it be roofing, a fence, an outbuilding, AWARE receive enquiries every day from Victoria property owners seeking assistance in safely removing and disposing of asbestos products.

We ask that you do not attempt to dismantle or attempt residential asbestos removal yourself. Call our office on 03 9580 5326, or contact us by email and one of our experienced Assessors will come to you for a risk free assessment.

Own Equipment

We utilise our own EPA Licensed trucks to dispose of the Asbestos, which negates the need for large bins which may impact on your space. We are self supporting with respect to all of our equipment required to undertake the removal processes, which enables us to provide competitive pricing and quotes.

No Large Bins Needed

All equipment and bins are removed from site after works completed, leaving you with a clean home.


We are also happy to arrange other requirements to suit your needs including air pressure contamination control, replacement of roofing products, part or full demolition of garages, sheds, buildings, and we have a great professional relationship with a number of tradesman including carpenters, plumbers and electricians, that are able to provide an honest, competitively priced service.

We Make It Easy

Our aim is to undertake our work in a safe, professional manner, and keep our clients satisfied, so that you will pass on our good work to your friends and associates.


Our OH&S safety systems are updated and audited annually. Wherever you may be our residential asbestos removal is offered in Melbourne, Geelong, and other parts of Victoria.

Safety First

Regular safety audits and updates ensure our safety measures offer you the greatest protection.


AWARE are one of the few companies offering ‘A Class’ asbestos removal services. Don’t trust your back yard to a back-yarder. Contact AWARE today.

Top Level Service

Home safety is too important to rely on inferior safety providers. Contact AWARE to ensure your safety.

Our Residential Asbestos Removal Services

Roofs, Walls and Eaves, Flat Sheets & Flashings

Asbestos is found in residential spaces and the most common areas where asbestos material is used are roofs, walls and eaves, and flat sheets in flashings. Though you are not aware of it, you may already be living with asbestos for so many years!

AWARE Asbestos Removal offers expert solutions to remove pesky asbestos from your home and keep your family free from the hazards and health risks that this dangerous material poses. We offer our services to clients in Melbourne, Geelong, Victoria, and the rest of Australia.

Allow us to free your home from asbestos, seek the help of professional asbestos removal specialists. Contact us today!

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Sheds, Garages, Fences & Other Small Structures

There are structures in your home that may seem harmless, but actually pose serious risks and hazards that compromise the health and safety of your loved ones due to the presence of asbestos.

Asbestos has been used as a versatile construction material and you may find them in structures where insulation is required. Though this may not seem to be an urgent concern for you, it is a must to keep your home and even the areas surrounding it to be safe and hazard-free.

Give us a call so we can help you with your asbestos removal needs.

Ceilings, Bathroon Walls, Kitchen Walls, Floor Sheets

If you are living in one of the old-style homes that still stand at the present, you are at greater risk for asbestos.

Homes that were built during the 50s, 60s and even 70s, have interiors that were laced with asbestos sheeting to create better structures — but putting the health of people at greater risk.

Asbestos lies in various parts of your home including ceilings, walls, bathrooms, kitchens, and even your flooring. The hazard is present in your home and instead of bearing with its dangers, you can opt to seek the help of asbestos disposal experts.

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Vinyl Floor & Wall Tiles

These types of products has been around since the 1920s and as they were popularly used for Commercial Buildings, Factories and Offices flooring and walls, homes that were built decades ago pose serious risk for asbestos exposure.

Asbestos was used to improve the flexibility, strength, and insulating properties of vinyl plastic resin. As the material was sold cheap, easy to use, and dependable, there has been a widespread use of asbestos, completely eliminating the thought of endangering the lives of people who will be exposed to it.