Up to 250 kilograms of separated, bonded and wrapped asbestos is to be lifted from the asbestos waste levy, as included in the NSW Asbestos Waste Strategy 2019-21. 

The proposal is aligned with the goal to reduce cases of illegal dumping of the dangerous material, which accounts for 8 percent of waste thrown unlawfully across the state. 

Making Legal Asbestos Disposal Easier

“The safe and lawful management of asbestos waste is a priority for this government and that means making legal disposal of asbestos waste easier and cheaper,” Energy and Environment Minister Matt Kean said. 

The president of Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia,  Brian Robson, took the proposal positively saying that his group had long been hoping for this. 

He further shares that even though it will not completely eradicate the illegal dumping, it can contribute to minimising the number of cases. 

Some people renovating asbestos-contaminated homes intentionally try to avoid the levy, causing them to throw the materials in wheelie bins. This can pose risks to themselves, their neighbours, council workers, and tip operators. 

The Environment Minister also added: “Illegally dumped asbestos poses a threat to human health and our environment and results in significant clean-up costs.” 

Removing unlawfully dumped asbestos in NSW costs millions of dollars every year, according to the Asbestos Foundation of Australia.  

Currently, levies equate to $143.60 per tonne in metropolitan areas and $82.70 a tonne for regional areas. There is no definite date as to when the changes will take effect. 

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