In the midst of growing demand for asbestos removal from households and everyday products, Australian law firms have gained an opportunity to press charges for asbestos exposure against multinational brand Johnson & Johnson. This follows the revelation that the pharmaceutical giant knew that its baby powder contained asbestos but refused to disclose this to the public.

Documents on Asbestos Content Contradict Johnson & Johnson’s Denial

On December 14, news agency Reuters published a report on previously confidential documents from J&J. These papers show that as early as 1957, the company was aware of tremolite asbestos content in its signature baby powder.

However, the company continues to claim otherwise, despite having previously lost lawsuits concerning asbestos exposure. A J&J Australia spokeswoman refused to give a response on the matter and referred reporters to a generic statement from the parent company instead. The said statement derides the recent Reuters report.

According to Theodora Ahilas of Australian law firm Maurice Blackburn, the development courtesy of Reuters may set off consequent investigations on local cases of asbestos exposure. “There is no safe amount of exposure to asbestos,” she is quoted as saying, “and when we’re talking about a product that’s used on babies, we need to be extra vigilant.”

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