Asbestos is a carcinogen used extensively as a construction material in the 1930s. Sadly, it was only in the early 1980s when this mineral – its fibres in particular – was discovered to cause fatal diseases including lung cancer and mesothelioma.

By 2003, a total ban on the use of asbestos was imposed and it was only then when most Australians have become aware of its threats. But, with the passing of time, many have become complacent assuming that minimal precautions are enough to safely carry out asbestos removal procedures in their homes.

Asbestos removal may be required when an asbestos material in your home is damaged. However, it doesn’t warrant you to take over the role of a licensed asbestos removal contractor in an attempt to save on cash. If handled incorrectly, your decision can only lead to serious health implications which will only cost you even more.

But, just how much the cost of asbestos removal will set you back?

Asbestos Removal Cost

Professional asbestos removers typically charge depending on the size of the affected area. An asbestos removal company may provide you a precise quotation for the job given that you have provided them with adequate information.

However, it still depends on a number of factors:

  1. Process
  2. Risk level
  3. Materials
  4. Timeline

Asbestos Removal Process

In general, the asbestos removal process involves three stages: asbestos survey, encapsulation and removal. Each incurs additional costs to the entire job.

Asbestos Survey – the first cost you may have to deal with is to have a professional survey performed. Since asbestos was a common ingredient in a variety of building materials, it can be difficult to determine where in the home it might be. It may cost about $400.

Encapsulation – the next step may depend on the result of the assessment. Your contractor may conduct encapsulation wherein the asbestos will be contained in the house instead of removing it. This is a rather cost-effective solution, which may only set you back for as low as $12 per square metre.

Removal – on the other hand, if the survey requires having the asbestos removed, you may have to shell out $1,200 to $4,000 or more. But, there are still other factors to consider as mentioned earlier so, it’s important to obtain as many quotations as you can have to compare effectively.

Disposal – for the last step, you will have to arrange for the disposal of the affected materials yourself unless your contractor has included the task in the quote. You have to remember that this job is not simple as you will have to deal with the local council to arrange for the tipping.

Other Costs

In addition to asbestos removal costs, you may want to consider paying for post-removal inspection to ensure that your property is completely safe. This may include asbestos fibre air monitoring worth $1,000 to $1,500.

When your home requires an asbestos removal, the cost should be a minor consideration. After all, asbestos is most dangerous when its fibres are released into the air, putting you and your family’s health at risk. Contacting your asbestos removal contractor will be the most cost-saving decision you’ll ever make.

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