Millions of homes in Australia are contaminated with asbestos. And as the growing concern for asbestos diseases heightens, the Federal Government advisory body is proposing the use of tax on building materials to fund efforts on asbestos removal.

The Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA), with the hope to combat asbestos-related problems, believes that by offering subsidies, there will be more homeowners who’ll be encouraged to take action.

Finding a Solution for the High Cost of Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal can be expensive and to help unload homeowners with this burden, adding a small levy on building materials can make a difference especially in controlling the number of affected families who are being exposed to the deadly material.

Asbestos in homes come as an unpleasant surprise for homeowners. In NSW, the residents are the ones responsible in inspecting their homes for the presence of asbestos.

Adding to the problem is that fact that it is not easy to detect asbestos and in countries like Australia where over 3,000 products are identified to be contaminated with asbestos, state and territory governments should act to control the problem.

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Asbestos-Related Deaths

An estimate of 700 people die each year because of mesothelioma and this number is just a small part of the total number of deaths caused by asbestos. There is around 4,000 asbestos-related deaths each year–higher than the number of deaths caused by breast cancer, prostate cancer, or the national road toll.

A spokesman from the Heads of Asbestos Coordination Authorities was quoted as saying that the NSW Government deeply cares about keeping the people protected and has set up a $278 million task force to target loose-fill asbestos.

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