About 10 WA schools are yet to be free from Asbestos after the contaminant was discovered a year ago. And four schools of this number are still contaminated. The State Government is now demanded to explain to parents why this hazardous product was left in schools for up to a year.

As early as May 2015, an inspection was carried out in these schools revealing asbestos contamination with risk ranking of one or two.

Opposition Education Spokeswoman Sue Ellery said, “If I was the parent of a child at one of these schools I would be demanding to know how the priorities of the Government have become so skewed that it thinks it is acceptable to leave children exposed to high-risk asbestos for such a long period of time,”

A year long delay is an unexcusable negligence.

Ellery find no reason for such a long delay of work. Robert Vojakovic, president of Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia criticised the asbestos removal method and the time for such work that are under the responsibility of Education Department.

“All asbestos must be safely removed from buildings, particularly in schools where children have long latency periods to experience some sort of disease associated with asbestos dust exposure,” Vojakovic further said.

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