Asbestos has been a long concern in Australia. Amidst the multi-billion dollar project to repair pipers made out of asbestos-laced cements, several effective and cost-effective solutions are being introduced to solve this environmental issue.

The Case

According to the Water Services Association, the project is estimated at $15 billion to repair or replace the asbestos cement pipelines used in water networks, particularly those at its deteriorating stage. Although contamination of water with this hazardous material is a concern, it is the safety of the workers and affected community considered as the utmost priority as the process can possibly damage or break the affected pipelines which can cause a major health hazard.

Air Springs Supply has been tasked to undertake the sensitive procedure given its capability and experience in providing environmentally sensitive services such as pipeline networks. The national distributor is also equipped with a range of globally proven products such as the Pronal Technology and other environmental protection products. As mentioned by James Maslin, these equipments have been proven to respond to any type of environmental issues, especially those involving pipelines of all types. Not to mention, these equipments are competitively priced yet effective in solving asbestos-related issues on public water supply and to prevent industrial spills.

Issues on pipelines is the most important thing to address as it poses dangerous health hazards especially when contaminated water is able to penetrate water supplies. As a requirement of Safe Work Australia, stoppers must be deployed in pipes as it serves a vital role in ensuring the security of pipelines and prevent the risk of toxic runoff, detection and mitigation of pipe leaks.

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