A parliamentary probe is set to roll out next month to be chaired by Labor MP Tony Buti as pressures on the McGowan Government continues to increase. Perth Now reported that the probe will investigate the construction projects governance, the risk that may arise due to granting practical completion before resolving the project’s problem.

Construction union, CFMEU and the Master Plumbers Association both alleged that the government was “clutching at straws” as it continues to rely on band-aid solutions to the asbestos and lead contamination problem. The union maintained that the problems that plagued the hospital are linked to the substandard products imported from countries like China.

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Asbestos Contaminated Government Hospital Project

The $1.2 billion government hospital project has been delayed for public opening since November 2015. Initially, roof panels were found to be contaminated with asbestos. And only recently, testing showed lead contamination on more than 5,000 brass fittings that are mostly in the walls.


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