A new research is being conducted for the development of a blood test for mesothelioma that could detect early signs of the disease. This method of testing gives new hope for people who are prone to developing the asbestos disease. In the past, early detection is impossible and diagnosis is very difficult. Because of very long latency period that spans between 25 and 50 years, diagnosis only comes to close after mesothelioma has spread, which hampers the effectiveness of treatment.  

Calretinin Used for Mesothelioma Detection

The new blood test uses calretinin, a blood biomarker that reacts with the presence of mesothelioma tumor cells. Dr. Georg Johnen, the lead of the German-based research maintained that the calretinin assay is best used together with mesothelin–an FDA-approved biomarker for mesothelioma. The combination increases the sensitivity of the biomarkers in detecting mesothelioma cancer cells.

If the research proved a success, it will expedite detection and make diagnosis much easier, allowing patients to manage mesothelioma in its infancy, and thereby increase chance of survival. In our recent article, it is mentioned that a new drug and asbestos detecting technology have been developed. Recent advancements have shown that steps are being taken in support of the fight against the spread of the deadly disease.

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