Take a look at the market leader for online environmental, health & safety training and cloud-based learning management software, EazySafe, and their take on asbestos as well as tips and advice on EHS. 

♦ Company Profile


EazySafe 240,00 users

As part of our influencer interview series, we reached out to several asbestos experts across the world and we are fortunate enough to have Rachel Boyle, Sales Manager of EazySafe, acknowledged our request and graciously accepted the interview opportunity.

EazySafe is an Ireland-based provider of environmental, health & safety, and environmental awareness training programs and learning softwares. With over 240,000 users on the system and operations across the world, there’s no denying that the company has provided impeccable training services along with its equally infallible softwares that equipped their clients and their personnels with adept knowledge of the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) rules and requirements.

Over 10 years in the business, EazySafe taking pride have worked with some of the leading companies in the world, such as Dell, Primark, Baxter, Aer Lingus, etc.  with only amazing things to say about the company. One of their clients, Baxter International, said:

“EazySafe & Phoenix Safety have provided excellent training material for our company, both in terms of e-learning content and practical training. The employees have found the training materials both useful from a learning point of view and efficient from a time point of view. The support from the team made available to myself has been brilliant also. I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future and would recommend them to anyone!”

David Kennedy, EHS Advisor, Baxter

♦ Can you tell us how EazySafe came about and what motivated its pioneers from building the brand in the EHS  industry?

Towards the turn of the century, several diseases started to emerge which led to the heightened safety and security measures. And to further promulgate proper health and safety in every aspect and expand an already entrenched HSE training provider, EazySafe was established in 2008 as a spin-off from Phoenix Safety Services, a Health and Safety consultancy, and training company trading since 1999. The company not only promotes HSE but actually train employees and contractors, especially new ones, to be acquainted with HSE rule and regulations, as well as be familiar with hazards and control measures in the actual workplace which is extremely beneficial in terms of our clients’ operations.  

♦ I visited your website and gone through each of the services you are offering. Can you walk us through your each service and the process/es involved?  No need to share your secrets though.

EazySafe deliver online environmental, health and safety training that can be customised and tailored to a client’s material. No two companies are alike and neither are there training challenges, our team develop packages to suit the client and keep them compliant.


Asbestos Awareness

♦ Aside from environmental, health & safety trainings, do you offer other kinds of service?

EazySafe are a compliance house, we help clients manage everything from document control to training to accident reporting. We also deliver Asbestos Awareness training online which teaches the theory behind asbestos awareness and the related hazards and controls. We recommend a blended approach with a face to face/workshop element.

♦ What is EazySafe’s competitive edge that sets you apart from all the other websites that offer online environmental, health and safety training?

EazySafe are more than an online training provider, we’re a compliance house and help our clients with all aspects of keeping compliant, from training to accident investigation to audit reporting.


Contractor Induction

♦ Among all the courses and training programs EazySafe offers, which are the most sought after and why do you think so?

Induction courses, particularly contractor induction or onboarding. The reason for this is that contractor management can be very difficult to manage and an online system allows you to onboard contractors before they arrive onsite, saving time and cost but also ensures everyone is ‘singing off the same hymn sheet’!

♦ As technology continues to bring innovative approaches, how do you keep up with the changes that set the standards of your clients on a higher level?

Regular market research from all angles (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental), staying up to date with our clients and their challenges and how we can help alleviate the pain points.


EazySafe Clients

♦ EazySafe has an impressive list of clients. Based on your processes, who are the types of individuals that can benefit from the courses and services you offer?

Everyone! eLearning can be accessed by everyone and should be embraced by all ages and backgrounds. Our clients focus on health and safety training and skill development for their staff and contractors, so anyone looking to expand their training vocabulary with engaging self-paced and customized content should look at eLearning. These people might be from an EHS background, HR or Learning and Development.

♦ Do you have any health & safety tips/advice for people?

Safety should be inclusive in the workplace and not be a simple tick-box exercise. Get employees and management involved in brainstorming and keep training consistent, relevant and engaging.


Tips form EazySafe

♦ How about for first-timers who are interested in trying out online health & safety solutions?

Why not pilot online learning on a sample group of employees before investing for everyone. Most suppliers would welcome that (we sure do!) to make sure that it’s a good fit for everyone. Start small if it’s totally new to your environment and feedback is key.

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