Is your home asbestos-free?

With the increasing awareness on asbestos today, you’d want to make sure that your home doesn’t put the health and safety of your loved ones at risk. And if you have an old home, one of the areas to inspect is your ceiling tile.

From 1940 to 1990, asbestos was commonly present in ceiling tiles, tile adhesives, dry walls, duct wrap and ceiling texture. Although not all old ceiling tiles contain asbestos, it is still important to seek the help of asbestos removal experts especially when engaging in remodeling tasks.

Understanding the Hazards in Asbestos Ceiling Tiles

As with asbestos materials, they can’t cause harm when left alone. However, when disturbed, the toxic fibres in asbestos can leave permanent damage to the lungs which may lead to fatal results. To make matters worse, asbestos exposure doesn’t have a safe level and even the use of asbestos dust mask can’t give you the protection you need when remodeling your home, particularly if it will involve asbestos ceiling tiles.

Your home’s age and wear and tear endured through the years are some of the factors that can cause asbestos ceiling tiles to crack or loosen, therefore releasing asbestos fibres into the air. And because they are invisible to the naked eye, you won’t really have any idea if you’re already breathing in a toxic substance.

Studies also prove that once these dangerous fibres are released and breathed in, even in small doses, serious illnesses such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, or asbestosis will thrive. These are the types of illnesses that affected persons may endure for years and even decades.

Furthermore, a person inflicted with asbestos-related illnesses may only find out about their disease 20 to 50 years later. Usually, when they do, the disease has already worsened making it more difficult to treat.

To discuss further and provide more useful information, we’ve gone deeper into the details of asbestos ceiling tiles which are discussed in the next section.

6 Facts to Know About Asbestos Ceiling Tiles

1. Asbestos ceiling tiles were particularly common in drop ceilings.

2. It is a typical material used in major public structures such as universities, colleges, and hospitals.

3. Asbestos ceiling tiles were also used in kitchens and basements to conceal ductwork.

4. It is revealed that in every drawing pin pushed into an asbestos ceiling tile are 6,000 asbestos fibres released into the atmosphere.

5. Even with minimal exposure, there are certain types of asbestos that can lead to serious illnesses.

6. The World Health Organization revealed that asbestos remains as the leading cause of on-the-job cancers.

As mentioned, asbestos ceiling tiles can cause serious risks especially once touched because of remodeling works. It may not be a reason for worry yet, but it may actually be just waiting for its next unsuspecting victim.

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