The Central Coast Council has announced that building waste found on Wamberal Beach has been confirmed to contain asbestos. The announcement comes after the Council previously described the waste as “suspected asbestos.”

In its announcement, the Council cites “increased sightings

[of building waste] at the intertidal line of the waste material” due to weather and sea conditions in past days. Experts have deemed the recovered building waste as low-risk in terms of asbestos content. However, the Council says it will continue to deploy trained staff for daily inspections and proper removal of found waste along Terrigal and Wamberal.

Precautionary Checks for Asbestos

The Council currently works together with the Department of Industry & Lands for these inspections. It will also receive assistance from an occupational hygienist who will make precautionary checks for asbestos contamination in the air along the beaches.

The Terrigal and Wamberal beaches remain open, although authorities have yet to identify the source of the washed-up building waste and asbestos. In line with this, the Council reminds beach-goers not to touch building waste found along these beaches and to also keep children from picking up such materials. Residents are advised to report suspected asbestos to the EPA Pollution Line (131 555) or to the Council itself (4325 8222 or 4350 5555).

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