Holidays are meant to spend quality time with the family but how would you feel when that relaxing vacation you have been really looking forward to can change your life in a matter of seconds? Risks of asbestos exposure only takes a certain amount of time to be acquired but wouldn’t manifest until later in life, making it hard to treat. That’s what the Williams family feared for when they went on their holiday vacation.

The Incident

Eddie and Stephanie Williams arrived at Bulcock Beach Apartment on a Saturday. However, what an eventful holiday for the family took a wrong turn as the renovation of the building next door released white dust across the air and covered their car. After calling for an investigation, a Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) representative confirmed that the asbestos removal performed next door was unlicensed. As a matter of fact, Stephanie claimed that asbestos-looking materials were seen lying around the construction premises and that workers weren’t equipped with proper protective gears.

The family was reassured by the inspector that not all dusts coming from the renovation site are asbestos.

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