A cancer patient’s lawyers won a claim against James Hardie which forced the latter to pay a sum of $664,000 for the charges he committed.

Ron Phillips, 84, was diagnosed with a type of cancer known as mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos while working on renovations in the 1970’s. Mr. Phillips is now required to stay in a nursing home everyday for 24 hours. His current condition has quickly worsened. And experts believe that he only has three months to live.

Mr. Phillips’ lawyers demanded that James Hardie must pay for the damages he inflicted on Mr. Phillips’ health. However, the construction giant refused to pay for Mr. Phillips’ medical care and insists on only shouldering the cost if he chooses a cheaper nursing home as an alternative.

A Big Win for Asbestos Victims

Judge Wendy Strathdee sided with Mr. Phillipps stating that his life was destroyed because of the respondent’s ignorance. She said, “His regimented and organised life has been thrown into complete disarray, and his former personality and life have been switched off like a light.”

As a result of this, James Hardie has been required by the law to pay charges to Mr. Phillips up to $664,000, including his past expenses and care. The judge also awarded Mr. Phillips $350,000 for damages and more than $152,700 for future care costs.

This was a big win, not only for Ron Phillips but also to other people who had been diagnosed with asbestos-related illnesses, said Mr. Phillips’ lawyer Tanya Segelov. It opened the doors for others to receive compensation for home care.

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