According to Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency, illegal contamination of the toxic substance asbestos in imported products has become an increasing concern in the country. This year, one more incident has happened.

The Case

Just six months after the detection of asbestos in the electrical substations of Seaford railway line by Adelaide,  another Adelaide company is under investigation after importing building products from China that illegally contaminated with asbestos.

Authorities found the producer of mining and construction structures called Australian Portable Camps importing cement fibre boards containing white asbestos from China.

Australian Portable Camps defended that they did not use most of the contaminated boards, and they put the products in quarantine since its discovery. Safework SA, who investigates the case, has been on the place to educate the workers about the health risks of being exposed to asbestos.  Attorney-General John Rau said that workers and former workers of the company was aware of the problem and was given counselling and health assessments.


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