Are you willing to risk your family’s health by letting someone perform a high-risk procedure such as an asbestos removal without guaranteeing the safety of your family? That’s what a man in Australia illegally undertook and is now facing a $24,000 lawsuit for an unsafe asbestos removal.

The Case

A man has been proven guilty before the Industrial Court and was convicted of seven counts for an unsafe asbestos removal.  The man was proven to have conducted a Class A asbestos removal without complying with the standards of asbestos removal set by the law. Apart from the bail money, his license was also cancelled and is barred to apply for a new license for the next 3 years.
In lieu of the incident, SafeWork SA is willing to cancel any license or disqualify any applicant from acquiring a license to ensure that proper asbestos removal is performed and that the health and safety of workers and other people involved are prioritized.