Living with mould in your home is not safe at all. It can make you and your family sick, and completely damage the interiors of your house. To continue its proliferation, mould needs moisture, organic nutrients, surface to grow on, and darkness. This suggests that mould can grow everywhere, most likely when those four elements are present.

Most people expect that mould often grow in the murky places of their homes, such as the basement, attic, or crawl spaces. Although mould can grow just about anywhere, there are still unexpected places in your house that mould could be thriving. These mould in your house needs a regular inspection and remediation to reduce its negative impact– hence, allowing you to make a safe home for your family.

Before anything gets worse, it is crucial to know the places where mould can hide in your home. In this infographic prepared by AWARE, you will be provided with useful information on which places in your home to look for, and how you can deal with the mould problem.


10 Places Mould Can Hide In Your Home

Do you know any other mould hot spots in your home? Please let us know by dropping your thoughts on the comment box below!

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